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I was tasked to brand, design, and develop an automated plant monitoring system using an Arduino micro controller. The plant monitoring system includes a light, moisture, and temperate sensor which reads live data from any plant and sends it to your personal application. The application is also designed to notify the owner if and when the plant needs more or less water, light, or heat.

I named the project Tura after the Latin word Alitura which means nourishing and nature. The brand is clean, modern, sleek, friendly, and organic. You can download the brand document here.

I also created a promotional website for Tura as if it were to be sold to the public. You can view the website here.

Technologies: D3 data visualization library | Johnny-Five JavaScript Platform | Arduino | HTML, JavaScript, CSS | Greensock Animations | Bootstrap


App Design, Development, Branding


December 2017


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