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Online Training Application

Creating a More Efficient Workplace

This product will increase productivity and provide a more efficient communication platform for your large-scale teams so that you can get back to focusing on what matters.

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About The Application

What Were The Problems That Needed to Be Solved and How

This History and Problem

This application was specifically built for a part manufacturing company, JE Bearings. The company has complex, multi-step manufacturing work-flows that need to be maintained and accessible to everyone in the company. Their original paper-based communication and data organization system was inefficient and out of date, making it hard for employees to access information and communicate with one another without constant work disruptions or errors.

The Future and Solution

Implementing this application into their daily work-flow will show measurable increases in productivity and communication. The integration of different information sources into one application will result in workers getting all required news and job information in a timelier fashion. Adding and customizing content in the application will be manageable by anyone with a registered account, making it easier to keep information current, timely and accurate.

Application Features

All The Tools You Need For an Efficient and Productive Team

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01 A Central Dashboard

The dashboard is the ‘home base’ of the application and can direct you to all the different areas including Company New, My Learning Module, Human Resources, and more. If you’re an administrator this page will also lead you to the admin pages of the application.

Technologies Used

The Foundation of The Application

The application was developed using Laravel, a PHP framework, which provides easy ways to implement common tasks such as: authentication, routing, and view templating. Laravel also has a standardized work-flow which makes it easier for a team to work simultaneously.

The front end of the application uses CSS Grid and Flex-box as they are flexible and available natively in the browser and therefor do not add unneeded file sizes to an already-large application. JavaScript was used extensively in the application to provide a more performant user interface and fast asynchronous content loading.

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The Process

From Concept to Deployment


Meetings and Research

Conducted a series of meetings to get an idea of how their work-flow could be improved.


Build and Solve

We created a single application to address the identified problems.


Test and Deploy

Multiple tests were conducted to insure optimal responsiveness and usability.

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The Team

The People Who Made it Happen

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Clara Marshall

Man of Many Traits

Clara was responsible for managing the project. She also designed and build the front-end of the application.

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Barbara Bombachini

JavaScript Master

Barbara was the front-end lead on this project. Responsible for JavaScript functionality and layout.

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Mauricio Silveira

Back-end Guru

Mauricio was the back-end lead. Responsible for setting p database structure and functionality.

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